Welcome to the corner seat of my world! Pull up a stool and let me tell you a bit about myself.

With over two decades of slinging drinks under my belt, I've been around the block in the world of bartending. Born and raised in Sweden, I cut my teeth in the nightlife scene of Helsingborg, starting out as a barback in a wild nightclub called Cantina West. Let me tell you, that place was something else – from mopping up vomit to dodging flying glass, it was a true baptism by fire!

But I didn't let the chaos deter me. I climbed the ranks, eventually becoming the head bartender at another nightclub, Tempel. Those were the days of long nights and wild parties, but I soaked up every bit of knowledge and experience along the way.

Then came the big leap across the pond to the United States. From the bustling streets of New York City to the vibrant scene of Asheville, North Carolina, I've worked in all kinds of establishments – from Michelin-starred restaurants to swanky hotel bars (Park Hyatt NYC), dive joints to celebrity chef-owned hotspots (Red Rooster NYC). You name it, I've probably mixed a drink there!

Now, I call Asheville home and sling drinks at The Times Bar, where I get to share my passion for craft bartending with locals and visitors alike. But my journey doesn't stop there. I've set my sights on a new mission – sharing the tricks of the trade with anyone who's willing to learn, through my social media or on a more personal level...

Whether you're a home bartender looking to up your game, an aspiring mixologist dreaming of life behind the bar, or just someone who appreciates a good cocktail, I'm here to help. From virtual classes to in-person workshops and everything in between, I'm excited to pass on what I've learned over the years. Have a look under "Services"!

So, thanks for dropping by my page. Whether you're here for a recipe, a tip, or just a friendly chat about all things booze, I'm glad you're here. A goal of mine is to help out anyone that might feel lost and without an education- to get a job as a bartender and flourish just like I have. So if that's you, get in touch with me! 
Cheers to the journey ahead – let's raise a glass and make some memories together!
Johan The Bartender