Mezcal/Apple Brandy Old Fashioned anyone?

Banhez and Laird's

About a year and a half ago I came up with the Bonded Bliss. It was time to put together the fall/winter menu and I wanted to combine two ingredients that I usually don't work that much with (unless I'm making a Jack Rose or maybe a Oaxaca Old Fashioned). So I put Laird's Apple Brandy and one of my favorite mixing mezcals in a glass and added cinnamon syrup and a smidge of Pear eau de vie to it, and boom, Bonded Bliss it is (was). The name I so cleverly came up with is taken of course from the Apple Brandy being bottled in BOND and the word "Banhez" means bliss in Mexican...............That's a joke people! "Banhez" is from the ancient Zapotec language, but it does mean bliss. So there. 

1 Apple Brandy

1 Mezcal

1/2 Cinnamon Syrup

1/4 Pear eau de vie

Stir over a couple of rocks and serve with dehydrated apple dusted in cinnamon. Oh yeah. 

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