Must Have Tools for Your Home Bar

These are the most common bar tools that you will need to be successful when making cocktails at home. Do you really need all this equipment? Maybe not, but I can guarantee that it'll make your life easier when shaking up drinks for your family and friends! And it's more fun when you feel like a pro... ;)

Below the video I have listed where I get all my tools from.

I also want to mention that I'm not affiliated with any of these companies, I just happen to use their products.




I recommend getting this one too while you’re at it:

Hawthorne Strainer: (the exact one I use in the video was a gift but here is something similar)

Fine Mesh Strainer:

Mixing Glass:

Bar spoon:

Julep Strainer:


Channel Knife:

Big Ice Cube Tray:

Collins Ice Tray: (I also recommend this site for more affordable bar tools)

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